Monday, October 19, 2009


Am I dyslexic can be a very frequently asked and very haunting question that people with learning disabilities ask themselves. In fact if you have always have a hard time completing tasks, have been called stupid, lazy, dumb, etc for the most of your life, and cannot seem to get anywhere professionally then I can bet you would have asked this question on more than one occasion.

Dyslexia is primarily a learning disability which affects a person's ability to learn and cope with language. People with dyslexia will have a hard time learning and applying words, and can easily get confused between words which look and sound alike or even those which will have very similar meanings such as addition and sum of, they will also get confused between left and right, bottom and above etc.

First of all you should shun aside the embarrassment that you are a dyslexic, most people will rather shoot themselves in the foot than admit that they have dyslexia. This is a non-starter and if you do learn that you have dyslexia then it is imperative that you accept it first. If you think this is hard then remember that some of the most famous people in the world were dyslexics. Also dyslexics are known to be exceptionally creative and imaginative, far more than the average people at least.

If you do often catch yourself asking "am I dyslexic?" and are too apprehensive about admitting it then you can take an online dyslexia test to get your dyslexia diagnosed. After taking the test you will not only gain a better understanding of your condition but you will also find the confidence necessary to confront both yourself and others. This will be the first step that you can take into finding your place in this world.

Dealing with dyslexia as an adult can be a harrowing experience. You need not go on living in fear of rejection and denial. Dyslexia is a gift which once exploited will allow you to live your life better and more confidently.

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